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Rock guitarist Vas Defrens dropped a bomb on the rock music community when he admitted today that he doesn’t actually live a life of debauchery. “It was all bullshit,” admits Defrens.”I haven’t banged hundreds of groupies or gotten high and I don’t even drink,” said the famous bad boy of The No Talent Ass Clowns. […]

It’s official. If you’re a female and you go to a No Talent Ass Clowns show, the band requires that you attend topless. In fact, females not adhering to the new provision will be escorted off the premises, according to Ass Clowns manager, Jerry Gold. “Hey, man, this is just the first step,” said front […]

  Blow Chunks Ballet is the greatest rock and roll song of all time, according to Rock Wasteland Magazine. “Yeah, definitely,” said Editor Chad Chez. “Blow Chunk Ballet is a song that everyone has an instant reaction to. Maybe it’s revulsion, maybe elation, who knows? The point is, it’s a great song and I’m not […]