Lars Gunblade: Rock Legend

By Lucky

Lars Gunblade and his Les Paul Standard, Limited Edition

Was Lars Gunblade’s solo CD proof that the Ass Clowns are breaking up? No comment from Lars Gunblade.

Lars Gunblade - Songs About Stuff

Lars Gunblade – Songs About Stuff

Granted, this Lars Gunblade CD is terrible. But, hey, it’s a very different direction from the Ass Clowns. For a start, it’s not about asses (unheard of on an Ass Clowns album).  And it contains yet another version of the Ass Clowns classic song, “Blow Chunks Ballet.” The only comment from Lars Gunblade: “If you don’t like it, you’re dumb.”

Track Listing

  1. You are really pissing me off
  2. What’s your f**king problem?
  3. I’m drunk, you’re drunk, let’s go!
  4. I’m a retard
  5. Blow chunks ballet
  6. Trixie’s got a problem… down there
  7. Why are you still here?


Second Lars Gunblade solo album, You Make Me Sick, set to arrive in record stores soon.

Lars Gunblade - You Make Me Sick

You Make Me Sick cover

“It’s kind of funny,” says Chico O’Brian, owner of CDs Out Da Woz in Kings Nose, NJ. “I can’t sell the friggin’ CD he’s got now. How am I gonna sell this piece of shit when it comes out?”

Lars tells us that the new CD is “like cool” and more reflective than his work with the Ass Clowns or his first solo album. Songs like “Prove That You Love Me” reflect a tender side of Gunblade no one has seen before.


Sneak Peak at Lars Gunblade’s New Video

Lars Gunblade - Dumb As Sand

“Dumb as Sand” is the single from his solo CD. It’s not very good. In fact, it’s terrible. The part where Lars sets himself on fire, screams horribly and dies is actually pretty cool. But like everything Lars ever does, it’s hopelessly egotistical, vain and self-serving. Damn, you gotta respect Lars for keeping it real!