Rock Concert at Beerland Draws Topless Female Fans

By Lucky

Rock Concert at BeerlandAustin TX female fans at a recent The No Talent Ass Clowns rock concert at Beerland attended topless, as requested by the band. Male Austin fans showed their appreciation when they saw the crowd of topless women at the Beerland venue, and they were very happy that the air was cold that evening.

“They say everything is bigger in Texas,” said No Talent Ass Clowns front man Lars Gunblade. “Well, looking out at all those topless Austin chicks I can believe it. I had a woody factor going on that I thought might rip my jeans apart. However, I later had some doubts about the idea. I gave an interview about it if you want more info.

“We heard Beerland had a really terrible reputation,” said guitarist Vas Defrens. “So we figured they’d really get into the whole topless chicks thing. Yeah, they did. But to be honest, the fans at Beerland got a rock concert that was only sub-par but I banged most of the women’s basketball team from the University of Texas afterward. So you could say it all worked out fine.”

Female fans at the Austin venue were enthusiastic about being topless at the rock concert at Beerland. “Letting these babies swing free was wonderful,” said Tracy, an undergrad from St. Edward’s University. “A bunch of the guys sitting nearby took turns motor-boating me and I enjoyed all the attention. People took lots of pictures of that happening so I’m guessing I’ll be fired from my internship at a nursery school when those pics hit Instagram. That’s rock and roll, I guess.”

“Disgusting,” said Candice, an elderly woman who resides near the Beerland venue. “Practically naked women were strolling by my trailer on their way to the rock concert at Beerland. I yelled at them and called them horrible, horrible names but they seemed to enjoy it.”

Next Rock Concert At Beerland May Bring Totally Nude Female Fans

“Topless chicks? It ain’t stopping there,” said Gunblade. “We want chicks to be completely naked at the next rock concert at Beerland. Sadly, the Austin cops don’t like our idea. We tried bribing them but they wouldn’t take the bait. This is the Austin police we are talkin’ about so we were surprised.”

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