Rock Concert at the Ogden Theatre Draws Topless Female Fans

By Lucky

Rock Concert at the Ogden TheatreDenver female fans at a recent The No Talent Ass Clowns rock concert at the Ogden Theatre attended entirely topless, as demanded by the controversial band’s dictatorial contract. Male Denver fans voiced approval when they saw waves of topless women arrive at the Ogden Theatre venue. The guys also expressed their extreme appreciation that the air was super chilly that night.

“It doesn’t get any better than this!” said No Talent Ass Clowns guitarist Vas Defrens. “An assortment of Denver’s best breasts on display for our leering approval. And we approved. When we played ‘Ass on Demand‘ these Denver chicks jumped up and down like crazy. Best visual of my entire life. At least, it seemed like it at first. As I said in a recent interview, now I’m not so sure.

“Ogden Theatre caters to smug hipsters way too much in my opinion,” said front man Lars Gunblade. “But, hey, we’re only here for the legal pot. The fans got a rock concert at the Ogden Theatre that wasn’t too terribly awful and I nailed an entire Colorado women’s soccer team. What’s not to like?”

Female fans at the popular Denver venue were enthusiastic about being topless at the rock concert at the Ogden Theatre. “It was the best time of my life,” said Debi, a business major from Arizona. “The only down side is that I think I’m pregnant now. But that happens.”

“I cannot believe this,” said Erin, an elderly woman who lives near the Ogden Theater in Denver. “Topless women were walking right past my townhouse as they went to the rock concert at The Ogden Theatre. And of course they were smoking their legal pot like crazy. Things are nuts in Colorado now with all this legal marijuana. Thanks Obama.”

Next Rock Concert at the Ogden Theatre Could Bring Nude Fans

“Topless chicks at our concerts is just the beginning, believe me,” said Gunblade. “The chicks will be fully naked at the next rock concert at the Ogden Theatre. We’re trying to make that happen right now. For some reason, the Denver police department seems to be against our plan. We tried bribing them and we got like nowhere. These are Denver cops we are talkin’ about. We just can’t figure out why they turned down our bribes.”