Rock Wasteland Magazine - January 2011

Blow Chunks Ballet is the greatest rock and roll song of all time, according to Rock Wasteland Magazine. “Yeah, definitely,” said Editor Chad Chez. “Blow Chunk Ballet is a song that everyone has an instant reaction to. Maybe it’s revulsion, maybe elation, who knows? The point is, it’s a great song and I’m not saying that just because I own 49% of the publishing rights.”

Over the years, it’s hard to tell just how much binge drinking this song has inspired. “We made binge drinking popular again, no doubt about it,” said front man Lars Gunblade in an interview with Rock Wasteland. “There’s barf everywhere after a No Talent Ass Clowns concert. I’m proud of that.”

Download the greatest rock and roll song of all time — free. Just click here.


  1. Man with a tinfoil hat says:

    Rock Wasteland Magazine is just a pimp for this sorry band. I mean, come on, the band sleeps with Rock Wasteland “journalists” and the magazine owns Ass Clowns publishing rights??? That’s bullshit. Have you noticed that just about every issue of Rock Wasteland magazine is a “Special No Talent Ass Clowns issue”???? Yeah, right!!! Whatever integrity this publication had in the 80s and 90s is gone now.

    • gk179k says:

      I did an internship at Rock Wasteland magazine a few years ago. They’re total Ass Clowns prostitutes. The band would show up at editorial meetings and dictate what stories would run about them. They would drink like crazy and take turns barfing from the 10th floor. They were real pigs. Gotta admit, though, I was like so totally freaked out being able to get their autographs. Ass clowns rule.

  2. Lars Ulrich says:

    Great video but it could have used some shots of puking. What the hell is Lars Gunblade drinking???? And what’s with the freakin’ pilgrim shoes???

  3. Elementary school teacher says:

    Wonderful stuff! I played the Blow Chunks Ballet video for my 4th grade students and we were all singing along to the chorus. The school fired me the next day but so what? Thank you Ass Clowns for making binge drinking so accessible.

  4. Heck Thomas says:

    What the hell is Rock Wasteland Magazine??? I asked at Border’s and they said I was an asshole. Does that mean it’s not real or am I an asshole for other reasons?

  5. Father McKenzie says:

    As a priest, I am appalled by the song “Blow Chunks Ballet.” On the other hand, as a raging alcoholic, it tells my story and I can relate to it very easily.

    • Leon Klinghoffer says:

      I hear this song for the first time on this web page and spewed all over my computer screen. Thanks, ass clowns. I’m sending you the freakin’ bill. BTW, the song sucked.

  6. Larry Booth says:

    When my daughter got out of jail, she introduced me to this song and binge drinking. Blow Chunks Ballet quickly became my theme song. My wife left me and cleaned me out of my life savings and my daughter hasn’t talked to me since joining the convent… but it was all well worth it. Rock on, ass clowns!

  7. Puking Paul says:

    Love this song, particularly the retching sounds.

  8. Paul Hewson says:

    Rock Wasteland got it right! Blow Chunks Ballet really IS poetry in motion.