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Express Elevator To Hell

Best Ass Clowns CD Ever?

With their controversial concert in Centralia, PA fast approaching, The No Talent Ass Clowns have released their newest CD entitled Express Elevator To Hell. According to industry insiders, the band is especially excited by their latest CD and believe this may the CD that finally breaks into the top 10,000 on the charts.

“This is our best album yet,” said front man Lars Gunblade. “We spend days recording it and mixing it. It was definitely a labor of love. We knew as soon as we put down the overdubs for the final song,¬†A Little Ass Music, that this would be the album that we wanted to be remembered for.” In fact, for weeks the name of the CD was rumored to be A Little Ass Music.

Getting a lot of attention is the track Burn You To A Crisp, which is rumored to be a big part of their Centralia, PA free concert on August 11. “Yeah, we’re gonna be playin’ that when we sacrifice the virgins,” said drummer Joey Van Dundro. “That’s assuming the protesters don’t shut us down, of course.”

The band is under a cloud of controversy with the Centralia concert with scores of citizens in nearby towns vowing to keep it from happening. “They can’t stop us,” says Gunblade. “If we want to have a concert on top of an active coal fire, we’re doin’ it. If we want to sacrifice virgins during the finale, we’re doin’ it.”

The band has remained silent on the exact time and location of the concert. “We’ll tweet that at the last minute. No one stops this concert! We are invincible.” said Gunblade with a grin.