VIDEO: Words of Wisdom #6

Posted: 23rd December 2015 by Lucky in Latest Ass Clown Updates

Singer Lars Gunblade and guitarist Vas Defrens of The No Talent Ass Clowns once again share their views on life as mega rock stars in this new video compilation. “Yeah, we’re pretty amazing,” said Lars Gunblade. “What we say is so much more important than what other rock stars have to say, which is nothing. Who wants to hear Bono or U2 or the Foo Fighters pontificate about things when you can listen to me instead? I’m much more interesting. The choice is obvious.”

“I don’t like interviews normally,” said legendary guitarist Vas Defrens. “But my wife Trixie Beaumont is the director. So if things get boring, we can always just get it on instead. With the camera rolling, of course. Trixie is always better with a camera on her.”

“Lars Gunblade and Vas Defrens really tell it like it is,” said director and well-known porn star Trixie Beaumont. “Normally, they’re so wasted that they can’t string two sentences together. But on those rare days when they’re coherent, I like to roll the camera as much as possible to get stuff like this.”

“It’s good that Trixie does a lot of these interviews,” said Ass Clowns manager Jerry Gold. “When they lose focus, she can bang them and get them back on-track. I don’t do that kind of thing any longer. Not with people I know anyway.”


  1. Poppi Himmler says:

    Wow. This right here is a real waste of space on the internets.

  2. Sal S. says:

    I’m commenting on this blog because you asked me not to.

  3. Zingo Marx says:

    Lars and Vas are the best. They’re my personal heroes. Definitely.

  4. Tony the Pony says:

    Since my wife and children left me, all I have to console myself with this fine Christmas Eve is the No Talent Ass Clowns and their music. They’ve all I have. I don’t even have my guitar anymore. I had to sell my Les Paul Standard, you know, the one with the “black dog” Bare Knuckle pickups. That sucked. I broke into somebody’s house who is away for Christmas so I’m living large because the bastard had several bottles of good single malt whiskey so I’m getting drunk and listening to “Blow Chunks Ballet.” Yeah, it’s beginning to feel like Christmas now. Oh, shit. Cops outside.

  5. David Howell Evans says:

    I find this band inspiring. Truly inspiring.

  6. BC7 says:

    What level of hell have I stumbled onto with this website? Is this band real? I hope not.

  7. Not Lew Flapp says:

    Very impressive. Well, not really.

  8. BlowMeSenseless says:

    These guys seem mentally retarded. I’m serious. That being said, I love their videos although the nuns at school usually ask me to turn them off.

  9. Nick Ray Tummo says:

    This band’s words of wisdom have kept me from ending my life more than once. Thank you, Ass Clowns. You guys are truly an inspiration to me.

    • Carla Johnson says:

      My sister jumped out of a window and killed herself after she binge-watched all of their videos on YouTube. So, there’s a downside to their videos. Just saying.