Vas Defrens - Worship My Guitar


Hot on the heels of Lars Gunblade’s new CD, You Make Me Sick comes the first solo album from No Talent Ass Crowns’ guitarist, Vas Defrens.

Slated to be released one month after Lars’ CD, Worship My Guitar is way different from the Ass Clowns sound we’ve come to expect from Defrens. “It’s like pretty radical, yeah,” said Defrens during a press conference at the opening of his new restaurant, The Ass House in New York City.

“Worship My Guitar” consists of one 60-minute track entitled “No title.” The sound is based on a dream Defrens had when he was strung out on heroin he had gotten from Ass Clowns’ front man, Lars Gunblade.

“The sound is disturbing and unpleasant,” said Defrens. “There’s nothing cool about it and there are no melodies or lyrics. I made myself throw up over and over and recorded it. You can hear it real loud near the end. It’s great. You can hear it splat on the floor and everything. I was really pleased with the mix. This is a big artistic expression for me.”

Music industry insiders aren’t buying Vas’ statements about the album, saying “Worship My Guitar” is really just a big “f**k you to No, Not There! Records and its president, Rocco Cisco.

  1. Buford Picklefeather says:

    Dang, good stuff from Vas. Even better than Lou Reed’s “Metal Machine Music”. As good as that was, this is way better. Like 27% better!

  2. T-Bone says:

    I’m doin’ a nickel up at Attica and I don’t get to listen to much new music. Luckily, I was able to blow the guards for Vas’ new CD. It’s great!! Highly recommended.