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One of the only known demos of The No Talent Ass Clowns in the recording studio has surfaced recently on YouTube. Stolen last month from No, Not There! Studios in Kings Nose, NJ, the rare demo is of a new song entitled “See You.” Apparently, it’s a work in progress for their new CD tentatively titled “The Crying Nosferatu Brothers.”

“This song is pretty special to me,” said front man Lars Gunblade during an interview at a local Kings Nose strip club. “It’s about this chick I knew. I was never really sure of her name. Maybe it’s Erica or Tabitha or Beatrice but I don’t remember. At any rate, I wanted to write a song about her. It’s been a deeply personal experience and, yeah, I kind of tear up when I work on it. It’s pretty powerful really.”

“I don’t see the big deal with this chick,” said guitarist Vas Defrens. “I had sex with her too and I don’t remember anything terribly special about her except for the fact that she stole like 50 bucks from me. To be honest, that still pisses me off in a major way.”

To find how who this girl was, we contacted head Ass Clowns groupie Tawny Z but she couldn’t give us much of an answer, although she did give everyone at our website a happy ending. “I don’t know who she was,” said Tawny. “I mean I went down on her as well but she just didn’t make much of an impression on me at the time. She had nice shoes. I do remember that.”

Why is Rare Demo So Rare?

It turns out Ass Clowns Manager Jerry Gold keeps the studio carefully guarded so that no mixes get out before a CD is released. “Yeah, some groupie must have blown one of the studio guys. See, this is what happens. Thank God, it’s only a rehearsal and not a final mix of a track.”

The new CD is expected to be released soon. However, as the band has stated, there will be only one copy for sale. The asking price: a cool two million dollars.