Near collision with Ass Clowns blimp

A near collision with Ass Clowns blimp

A Navy blimp flying over the Gulf of Mexico to survey oil spill damage almost collided with another blimp belonging to the rock band, The No Talent Ass Clowns.

The No Talent Ass Clowns tour blimp then pulled alongside the 178-foot Navy blimp and band members challenged Coast Guard personnel aboard to a blimp race. When their offer was refused, the band hurled insults for twenty minutes before moving off.

“This is ridiculous,” said Tony Lombardi, the Coast Guard commander of the operation. “We’re doing serious work and suddenly these Ass Clowns come joyriding in on their blimp. They damn near hit us and we were highly offended by some of the pretty sick things they said. Plus, their last album sucked!”

No Talent Ass Clowns front man, Lars Gunblade, seemed nonchalant about the incident. “Hey, we were f*cking with ‘em a little. What’s the big deal?” Band members said they were just “cruising around” after launching their tour blimp last week when they encountered the Naval blimp in the Gulf.

“Anytime they want a race, they got one!” says Gunblade.

  1. Angel Of Vengeance says:

    I’m in the Navy and let me tell you, that faggot band is lucky they didn’t get blown out of the sky. I’d of taken them out with a couple of missiles, followed their blimp down to the ground and then I would have violated their corpses repeatedly. I know that sounds weird but it’s in the training manual. Seriously, look it up in the section “Dealing With Rogue Blimps.”

  2. Nathan Hayward says:

    I was cleaning pelicans nearby when I saw those two blimps almost hit. I was terribly disappointed when nothing happened.