Blow Chunks Ballet

More controversy for the legendary song

This morning Medfield College in Los Angeles, CA joined a long list of colleges that have banned The No Talent Ass Clowns‘ notorious song “Blow Chunks Ballet” from their campuses.

“It’s a terrible influence,” said Medfield College’s Dean Higgins. “Why would anyone in their right mind think the world needs a song about throwing up?”

Starting at noon, the song can’t be played on the Medfield campus or in its dorms. “We had no choice. You should see this place after our frat houses play that song. Barf everywhere. You need a gas mask just to walk by.”

The band takes this latest college ban in stride. “Hey, see if we care!” responded Ass Clowns front man Lars Gunblade. “As long as there’s money in it and lots of gullible female fans, this is how we roll.”


  1. assblaster1138 says:

    I’m a janitor at a Midwestern university. I can tell you that I never clean up as much vomit as when students are playing Blow Chunks Ballet. This video should be banned everywhere. Same thing with fluoride in our drinking water.

  2. Clueless in LA says:

    I live in LA and I can tell you there’s no Medfield College here. Is this some kind of a joke? BTW, the song kicks ass. Great guitar solo.

    • hatchetface says:

      I’m a Medfield alumni, class of ’82. It’s as real as any other college.

    • rambladder349 says:

      You people are all stupid. Medfield College is the setting of several Walt Disney movies with Kurt Russell like “The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes.”

      Why am I the only one who figured this out?

  3. biff says:

    No one at UCLA has heard of this song or this band. Although having heard the song, I can honestly say that I like it.

  4. ass clown fanboy says:

    I’m at UNC-G. I asked our RA and he said the administration was talking about banning Blow Chunks Ballet here too. Crazy!

  5. D. Riley says:

    That happened here at Brown Univ. We used to play it all the time. Now, you get expelled if they hear you playing Blow Chunks Ballet. Almost makes me want to stop binge drinking!