Lars Gunblade

Lars Gunblade, lead singer of The No Talent Ass Clowns

The “Blow Chunks Ballet” music video is now on YouTube — and The No Talent Ass Clowns couldn’t be more angry.

“Some f**ker uploaded that video illegally, ” exclaimed Ass Clowns front man, Lars Gunblade. “Somebody on YouTube is pretending to be me. He’s spamming other videos and telling them to look at ‘Blow Chunks’ instead. The band doesn’t want that. We want people to buy our videos on DVD. We don’t give it away, dude.”

“We aren’t on iTunes because we can’t charge 50 bucks for each download, which is what our music is worth,” hissed guitarist Vas Defrens. “Same with YouTube… our videos weren’t on there… until last week anyway! This pretend LarsGunblade is in for some big trouble from our lawyers!”

“Shit. I feel like the groupies I violate all the time,” said Gunblade as he leered at a nearby scantily-clad groupie.


  1. barf master says:

    When they played Blow Chunks Ballet at Consumption Auditorium a couple of years ago, I threw up on the people in front of me, the people on either side of me, the security people who removed me from the theater and all over the cops who booked me. Good times, dude.

  2. vomiter909 says:

    “Leaked” to YouTube is the right word… Blow Chunks Ballet is like a loose, foul-smelling bowel movement sliding down your leg… not that it’s a bad thing by any means.

  3. Dirty Sanchez says:

    I saw that video yesterday. It disturbed me greatly.

  4. Eugene Barkley says:

    Then why the hell are you linking to the video???? You guys are retarded.