Comments Off on Vas Defrens’ New CD – Shit or Sublime?
Vas Defrens - Worship My Guitar

Vas’ first solo CD – “Worship My Guitar”

by Chuck Chadwell

What can I say? The new Vas CD is different. Real different. The kind of different most people tend to avoid like the plague.

Vas, you’re a good friend of mine but I think you’re going off the deep end with this.  Why all the vomiting sounds toward the end? Why so many? The non-stop distortion is hard to take when you don’t go anywhere near a hook or melody.

Vas, the next time you decide to record something without the other Ass Clowns… don’t!

“The sound is disturbing and unpleasant,” said Vas in an interview. “There’s nothing cool about it and there are no melodies or lyrics. I made myself throw up over and over and recorded it. You can hear it real loud near the end. It’s great. You can hear it splat on the floor and everything.”

To tell the truth, some of this could have really worked. At one point, we hear a woman having an orgasm repeatedly. I was liking that a lot. The only trouble was Vas intermixed her orgasm sounds with his throwing up sounds. Throwing up noises and female orgasm noises don’t go together, Vas. You’re creeping me out here. Stop it.

When this reaches the stores in a few months, you may be tempted to buy it. Avoid this temptation. Listening to it is time you’ll never get back.

Better luck next time, Vas. Next time, how about a few power chords, dude? Make us happy.