Carlos Danger

In the aftermath of discovering that disgraced politician Anthony Weiner sexted under the name “Carlos Danger,” we at the Ass Clowns Worship Site noticed something peculiar… a certain “Carlos Danger” commented on a number of Ass Clown blogs starting in 2010 and his posts stopped the minute this story broke. Could it be that Weiner was a fan of The No Talent Ass Clowns? Makes sense if you think about it. Looking at his various posts, we discovered that many were sexual in nature. No big surprise, certainly.

When informed of the Carlos Danger posts on this website, front man Lars Gunblade commented, “Cool. That’s awesome. I’m surprised he’s never come backstage for some of our groupie action. He’s got a standing invitation now, man!”


  1. Chico Chandler Charles says:

    Yeah, and I suppose this website is all proud that this sick bastard posted shit here. Pathetic. This website is the worse. Just total shit.

  2. Ultrashmo says:

    I thought this was bullshit until I went looking through comments on old blog entries. It’s gotta be Wiener. No one else is that pervy.

  3. Renfrew Devotcha says:

    I’ve read the comments on this website for years but never felt the need to comment. But, today, I have to.

    That is so cool about Carlos Danger posting here. I like to think that his obvious sexual addiction was somehow helped along by reading about the band’s rather seedy and depraved exploits.

  4. Joe Bunky says:

    I remember seeing his name awhile back on here and I did wonder if it was Weiner. That’s so awesome.