Singer Lars Gunblade of The No Talent Ass Clowns discussed his desire that fans not look at him in this recent interview conducted by port star Trixie Beaumont.

“Yeah, this is something that I’m really adamant about,” said Gunblade. “Nobody looks at the Lars man. Just the other day, a fan in the audience had the nerve to look directly at me during a concert. Needless to say, I tased him and he collapsed in convulsions. Maybe that would have taught him a lesson if he hadn’t died.”


  1. Jake Holman says:

    My buddies Frenchie and Bronson looked at Lars once. They done regretted it ever since.

  2. Wicked Jimmy says:

    I’ll look this asshole in the eye anytime I want to. Although I’ll be careful he doesn’t notice. I don’t him to tase me again. He tased me at Consumption Auditorium a couple of years ago and I still can’t use my left arm very well.

    • The Original Prat says:

      If that son of a bitch ever tries to taser me at a concert, I’ll kick him in the pancreas. I’m serious.

  3. Wendy B. says:

    I looked at Lars once out of the corner of my eye at a concert. Luckily, he didn’t notice.