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Lars Gunblade autograph

A 2-Million Dollar Autograph of Lars Gunblade

A major auction house recently sold a signed photograph of The No Talent Ass Clowns’ Lars Gunblade for a record 10 million dollars.

Over the years, the controversial Gunblade has been notorious for not signing autographs. Many fans have been kicked in the groin when they tried. In fact, this autograph is one of only three known to exist. Gunblade’s discomfort is obvious. His inscription on the photo is simply, “You’re an asshole. Lars Gunblade.”

“It’s pretty rare to see that kind of raw contempt for fans,” says No Talent Ass Clowns Fan Club President, Lars Johnson. “He has threatened my life whenever I try to contact him for interviews for our fan magazine. Other rock stars would just say no. Yeah, he’s a pig but I respect that honesty.”