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Pete Best Conpiracy

Gunblade’s shocking new book

No Talent Ass Clowns‘ front man Lars Gunblade has just released a controversial new book entitled: The Beatles: Conspiracy Against Pete Best.” The shocking book details the famous band’s attempt to rid itself of its original drummer, Pete Best, who was fired and thrown out like yesterday’s trash just before the band began to reach enormous fame in Great Britain in 1962.

“This is big,” said Gunblade aboard the band’s famous tour blimp. “I spend nearly two weeks researching the book regarding Pete Best. Yeah, everything in my book has been universally refuted. That doesn’t mean that this ain’t the 100% truth. Sir Paul [McCartney] better watch out. This blows the lid off all their dirty little Beatle secrets.”

Pete Best Conspiracy “Ties Everything Together” says Gunblade

The book contains many passages sure to have Beatles fans talking. For example, The Beatles are depicted attempting to kill Pete Best during a gig in Germany. “It ties everything together,” said Gunblade. “All the stuff that doesn’t make any sense. It does now. Pete Best was royally screwed by these guys. Buy the book. I’m out of here.”

Gunblade’s theory about Pete Best has been duly noted in this Huffington Post article but apparently it wasn’t taken seriously.