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Lars Gunblade - Songs About Stuff

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Lars Gunblade’s first solo CD, Songs About Stuff, hit the street Tuesday in a deluxe edition that included half-smoked joints, a used condom, women’s panties and an all-access pass to the No Talent Ass Clowns’ latest tour.

“It’s gives you a feeling of life backstage for me,” said Gunblade. “I think fans will love it. If they don’t, they’re dumb as shit and deserve to die beneath the wheels of our limo.”

Priced at $150, there have been few takers, considering there are no new tracks on the special edition. “That’s a huge f*cking waste of money. Nobody’s going to buy it,” said Chico O’Brien, the owner of CD Wasteland in Kings Nose, NJ. “I’m stuck with ten copies of this. You better believe they’re gettin’ returned!”

Songs About Stuff first hit the music racks in 1995 and was propelled to number 1,567 on the charts with hits like “Sally’s Got A Problem – Down There,” which has been played at several political rallies for presidential candidate Rick Santorum.

  1. Tony from Staten Island says:

    I ordered the Lars Gunblade special edition CD and was disappointed to discover when I opened the package that it was missing the pair of panties and the all-access backstage pass was for a 1998 Hanson concert tour. This is about what I’ve come to expect from anything associated with Lars Gunblade.

  2. Lloyd Braun says:

    Lars Gunblade is a total has-been. Wait, that would imply he was somebody once.

  3. Bambi says:

    150 sounds like a lot but if I figure all I have to do is turn one trick and I’ll have the money for it.