The rock documentary “It Might Get Loud” doesn’t feature Lars Gunblade and Vas Defrens. Why? Because they got cut out of the film.

In a brand new interview, Gunblade and Defrens discuss their involvement with the rock documentary, originally titled “There May Be Guitars.” Front man Lars Gunblade was initially behind the project. “It was awesome that we were going to be in it,” said Gunblade. “It would would have meant some serious legitimacy for the project. The finished film only shows Jimmy Page, The Edge and Jack White. Well, big deal! I’m sorry, but without Vas and me, it’s an incomplete picture of great rock guitarists.”

Ass Clowns Manager Jerry Gold was only recently able to obtain the deleted footage from “It Might Get Loud” so that it could be shown during the latest Ass Clowns interview. “Yeah, for years they didn’t want to give it to me,” said Gold. “Then, I convinced someone connected with the production that giving us the footage was really the only way to prevent me from releasing some damming nanny-cam footage from his home featuring himself and his babysitter. He sent me the deleted footage within hours. I’m very good at this sort of thing. Blackmail isn’t just my job. It’s also my passion. I’ll probably still leak that footage because what he did to her was the most perverted sex act I’ve ever seen in my life and that’s saying something.”

“It Might Get Loud” Sucks Without Us, says Gunblade

It Might Get Loud documentary

Original Pre-Release Poster

Lars Gunblade has never seen the famous rock documentary about guitarists. “Why should I watch?” asked Gunblade. “Without us, it sucks. I mean, I basically got a beef with all three of those guys. First of all, if you ask any of them about me, they always deny that they know me. That’s just wrong.”

The remarkable deleted footage from “It Might Get Loud” shows Gunblade and Defrens working on the unreleased song, “He Could Be a Viper,” which is of key importance to Ass Clowns fans. In fact, the track has only been available as a low quality bootleg demo for several years.

The sudden appearance of “He Could Be a Viper” in the new interview surprised die-hard fans. “It was cool hearing part of that song,” said a fan who declined to reveal his name. “I think it’s their best song. I don’t know why they don’t release it.”


  1. Charles Emerson W. says:

    This is a really stupid website. But I like it.

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    I threw up with I saw this video. Watched it again. Threw up again. Done.

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    These guys seem retarded or something.

  8. B. T. Justice says:

    I’ve seen “It Might Get Loud” and believe me, that two idiots have no place in it. This is the worst excuse for a rock band that I’ve ever heard.

  9. Bobby Joe says:

    This band sucks. I can’t believe I watched this entire video not once but five times. What the hell is wrong with me? I’m serious.

    • Zeltry K. Simmons of Whoville says:

      This band sounds terrible yet I keep coming back and reading these blogs. I think I have brain damage or something.

  10. Not Lew Flapp says:

    That movie would have been better with the Ass Clowns in it.

    • Cindy C. says:

      It was really excellent to watch the Ass Clowns working on songs. Lars and Vas seem to work really well together creatively. I wish I could work that well with other people.

      • Walter S. says:

        What the hell is wrong with you? Were you even watching the same video footage? Lars hates Vas and treats that punk ass guitarist like total shit. I hope people treat you like shit too because you deserve it for making such a stupid, stupid comment. God bless.

        • Cindy C. says:

          I didn’t mean to offend you. What can I do to apologize?

          • Walter S. says:

            OK, you’re just boring me now. The best apology would be offing yourself. How’s that?

            • Cindy C. says:

              Well, I have been thinking of ending it all for awhile so your suggestion kind of brings it all home. So anyway, see you. I’m leaving the building now.

              • Walter S. says:

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                  You did the right thing. She’s better off shuffling off this mortal coil.

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