The latest interview with Lars Gunblade and Vas Defrens revealed some rare insights into the world’s greatest band. The No Talent Ass Clowns singer and guitarist let it all hang out in this new interview directed by their manager Jerry Gold.

“Lars Gunblade and Vas Defrens were in rare form,” said Gold. “By that, I mean they showed up and they didn’t appear to be too badly impaired, which is unusual. They seemed a little on-edge so I brought in some particularly fetching groupies I had waiting in my limo and they were fine after that.”

The two rock legends discussed many aspects of the band’s history, including when they faked their own deaths. “In the end, we survived and it didn’t kill us,” said Defrens at one time in the interview. Defrens also talked about Rectal Hall, his controversial Montana estate.

Gunblade went on at length about one of his death obsessions, a topic that seems to pop up again and again with the controversial singer. The No Talent Ass Clowns Official Worship Site caught up with Gunblade while the filmmakers were taking a break. When we asked what the band was planning to do next, the singer had us escorted from the building by two security guards with overwhelming body odor. Gunblade called us later crying and saying that he was sorry he had us thrown out. He told us that he would have much preferred having us killed slowly and painfully but there were too many witnesses.

Later, we got back into the building and approached their manager. “You’re getting a rare opportunity,” said Gold. “The Ass Clowns are an amazing band but they’re assholes. Sitting down for interviews like this is something you should be grateful for.” When we told him that we really were grateful, he had us escorted from the building by the same two smelly bodyguards. This time we were beaten unconscious. When we awake, our pants were around our ankles and our wallets were gone. Yes, we had been violated and robbed but at least we got the interview.


  1. Mickey C says:

    Here was my take away from this interview… the no talent ass clowns are assholes.

  2. Mason Perry says:

    This interview was intelligent, thoughtful and truly reveals these two musicians as the brilliant talents that they are. Who am I kidding? They’re morons. Brain dead, imbecilic morons. And thank god for that.

  3. Mickey GoFudgeYourself says:

    Two morons giving their valueless opinions on music. Best six minutes I’ve ever spent on YouTube.

  4. Randall McCoy says:

    You called these guys “rock legends”? Really? You’ve got to be kidding me.

  5. Nicolar A. says:

    Nothing about the Ass Clowns surprises me. They suck. Big time.

  6. Timmy Thompkins says:

    Vas is scary. I never realized that until I saw this interview. But he’s still my hero no matter what. I mean, he slept with my mother and stuff but that’s OK. I can deal with that really. It really bugged when I found out but whatever. It’s OK. Really.

    • Vinnie From Staten Island says:

      You sound like Vas is really bugging you. You should do something about it. Something rash. Something impulsive. Something lethal. I can help you with that. Contact me offline.