Comments Off on Famous rock anthemn “Blow Chunks Ballet” used at Gitmo, reveals Wikileaks

Wikileaks has revealed in a startling new report that “Blow Chunks Ballet“, the famous drinking anthem by The No Talent Ass Clowns, was used to torture terrorist suspects at Gitmo.

Several confidential reports reference the song, saying that it proved very effective at breaking particularly difficult prisoners. “After hearing ‘Blow Chunks Ballet‘ 200 times, most would tell us anything we wanted to know, even things we didn’t want to know. Strangely, a handful requested to attend one of the band’s concerts,” said one report. “No one in the DOD had seen anything like this. While far more effective than water boarding, many interrogators preferred the hands-on approach of water boarding instead. We don’t know why.”

The band couldn’t be happier. “It’s great,” gushed front man Lars Gunblade. “People puke everywhere when we play that song at concerts so it’s good to know our song owned those dudes in Gitmo too. We may record a whole album just for the government to use down there. We’ll do it if they cough up our price, which is in the eight figures.”