Drunk musician kicks janitor… you gotta admit that it’s the kind of drama No Talent Ass Clowns fans expect…

When No Talent Ass Clowns guitarist Vas Defrens kicked studio janitor Chico O’Brian, he probably never realized what he would set in motion. During a recent interview, Defrens was drunk even more than usual and blurted out the story. Just before he threw up and passed out, Defrens described how he assaulted a studio janitor who came into the studio unexpectedly with his “wet mop crap.”

Singer Lars Gunblade was  in the control room and has vivid memories of what happened next. “Yeah, it was hilarious,” says Gunblade. “The janitor moves the damned web mop around and Vas gets totally pissed. Then, out of nowhere, he kicks the janitor. The mop flies up in the air and the old guy just drops like a lump of shit. He starts moaning but we just ignored him for like an hour. That’s about the time we realized that, hey, this guy can’t move his arms or legs.”

Janitor Chico O’Brian was permanently injured that day and has never left his wheelchair. Since that time, he has tried to sue Defrens unsuccessfully. When that failed, he began showing up at Ass Clowns concerts and recording sessions demanding payment for his injuries.

“Drunk Musician Kicks Janitor” Story Doesn’t Bother Defrens

drunk musician kicks janitor

Guitarist Vas Defrens

“I don’t think those injuries are real,” says Defrens. “I pulled him out of his wheelchair once and he did a pretty convincing fall, but that just proves he’s a good actor. Every time someone hears the sentence, ‘drunk musician kicks janitor’ they always assume it’s me. Apparently, I’m the only rock star who has ever kicked a studio janitor. Who knew?”

Angry about the musician’s attitude, Chico O’Brian still wants his money. “I’ll get him one of these days,” says O’Brian. “I was just doing my job and he attacked me like a total dick. This guy isn’t well in the head, you know what I mean? If you saw some of the things I saw in that studio, you’d be physically ill. They’re sick people.”


  1. Vinnie from Staten Island says:

    Vas Defrens sounds like a real piece of shit. Still, I don’t like janitors so I’m not judging him on this one.

  2. Walter S. says:

    Who here hasn’t kicked a janitor?

  3. Bill Hatfield says:

    I’m a janitor and I find what this “musician” did to one of my com padres really offensive. I think it’s time that Vas wind up in a wheelchair too. I’ll do the honors.

  4. Norma S. says:

    This Vas Defrens sounds like a horrible human being. How could he do that to another human being and then laugh about it? What a pig.

  5. Not Lew Flapp says:

    I think that Vas was justified in doing that to the janitor. I would have done the same thing.

  6. T-Bone says:

    What happened to that janitor is totally hysterical. I laughed my ass off at this.