A band’s embarrassing drunk interview is the topic of conversation in the rock world. Many think that mega band The No Talent Ass Clowns just took a dump on their reputation by releasing an interview showing them completely drunk beyond belief.

“I like the interview,” said front man Lars Gunblade. “This is what Vas and I are really like. To not post this video would smack of political correctness and we don’t go in for political correctness. I mean, let’s be honest, political correctness is really just common courtesy, right? It’s the desire to not deliberately offend someone else because you realize that there’s no god-given right to spew hate speak. Here’s the point, we think we do have that god-given right. If you’ve never played rock and roll music in a band, you’re totally inferior to us and must suffer consequences. It’s why I have tased fans at concerts all the time. They totally deserve it.”

Band’s Embarrassing Drunk Interview Doesn’t Bother Manager

“I have no opinion about it,” said Ass Clowns Manager Jerry Gold. “This interview shows the band exactly the way fans prefer them: drunk, inarticulate and stupid. Fortunately, that describes the fans as well so it’s all good, I guess. I think that 20 or 30 years ago that an interview like this could have ended a band’s career. Now, it’s just adds to their legacy in a positive way. I suppose eventually we’ll release that video footage of them sacrificing some virgins after a concert in Cleveland back in the late 90s. It gets pretty offensive and there’s blood everywhere. Actually, the footage used to give me nightmares but I’m good with it now. Will it be released? We’ll see.”

Vas Defrens’ Janitor Controversy

band's embarrassing drunk interview, Guitarist Vas Defrens

Vas Defrens

The band’s embarrassing drunk interview brought up a controversy that guitarist Vas Defrens would rather not revisit. “I don’t remember anything about this interview,” said  Defrens. “I think this is all faked CGI of me and not real. I didn’t assault no janitor so that footage in there where I’m saying I did is bogus.” This incident with the janitor has been disputed by Defrens many times over the years. The janitor in question, Chico O’Brian, was left a quadriplegic after the attack and has tried unsuccessfully to sue Defrens half a dozen times. O’Brian, who now works as a greeter at CD Wasteland in Kings Nose, NJ was unavailable for comment.


  1. Tipsy McStagger says:

    Well, I LIKED the interview. And they seemed perfectly sober to me.

  2. Captain Kevin Darling says:

    Great interview. I feel like i really know the band now. I want to see more interviews just like this.

  3. Eugene Barkley says:

    Wow, not a fan of this band at all. That commercial at the end with their greatest “hits”? My god, they sound terrible and the lyrics are really stupid. I was going to buy it as a joke since it was only 99 cents. Then, I saw that postage and handling was $60 so I said forget it.

    • Jacob Marley says:

      I’d buy that CD if I didn’t already own all of their music. Of course, that’s going to get harder if they’re only releasing one copy of new albums in the future.

  4. Simplex Sam says:

    This band is a good example of why the rock and roll that we know and love is dying on the vine. What would rock critic Lester Bangs have said about The No Talent Ass Clowns? He would have loved them for their worthlessness.

  5. 47779Betcha says:

    Where did this band come from? I’ve never heard of them. They look like dicks to me.

    • Grace Lanning says:

      I know, right? I’d never listen to this band ever. They look like really horrible people.

      • Tony the Pony says:

        Not nearly as horrible as you, I’m sure. Plus, they actually put out, at least that’s what my girlfriend says.

        • Grace Lanning says:

          For your information, I put out ALL the time, and not just with my husband, Sam. His brother, Tom, gets a piece just about every week as does my gym instructor and that homeless guy behind the Food Lion. I could list a lot more guys but that would sound like bragging.

          • Grace, yo!!! ‘sup.
            Cause everybody thinks you’re a sweet little girl with intelligence in your feet
            I wouldn’t want anyone else to know
            About the way you really are
            You’re just a rock and roll queen
            You know what I mean
            And I’m just a rock and roll star

  6. Rev. Bud Green says:

    I just watched this video and I’m like totally wasted. Great stuff. I loved it, loved it, loved it. Vas is like a superstar, man. And fuck that stupid janitor, man. Seriously, fuck him.

  7. Barbara Kay says:

    I want to know more about this janitor story with Vas Defrens. I had never heard it before so they’ve done a good job keeping this under wraps until this interview.

  8. Not Lew Flapp says:

    This just proves why The No Talent Ass Clowns are my favorite band, hands down.

    • Jimmy M. says:

      I didn’t see two drunk musicians in that interview. I saw two drunk heroes. Rock on.

  9. Meat Pants says:

    I am drunker than that most days.

  10. T-Bone says:

    They don’t seem that drunk to me.