Comments Off on Ass Clowns Worried That People Think They’re a Fake Band

In a new interview, rock band The No Talent Ass Clowns expressed their anger that some people didn’t believe the band was real. Front man Lars Gunblade and guitarist Vas Defrens talked about the fans, their favorite venue Consumption Auditorium and finished up by talking about how some believe they’re a fake band.

“Fake band? You’re gonna say that I’m not Lars Gunblade?” asked Gunblade with disdain in his voice. The singer became more hostile as time went on and when the cameras stopped rolling, he left the building and punched an elderly man who happened to be passing by. “That helped,” said the singer when he returned with a fresh bottle of whiskey in his hand.

The Ass Clowns were quick to discuss their hatred of their fans. “They know we detest them,” said Gunblade during the interview. “We hate our fans and they know it.” Gunblade’s comments about killing fans and putting their heads on pikes was deleted at the last moment by director Jerry Gold. “Lars sometimes goes a little too far,” said Gold later.

“One problem is that he hadn’t had any groupies for almost a week so he was really tense,” added Gold. “Plus, Lars was pissed that someone using his name put the interview on Funny or Die. That just really made the band look bad, in my humble opinion. Luckily, the subject of Dave Grohl didn’t come up or that would have really set him off!”

Gunblade and Defrens also discussed LarsAid, the charity Gunblade set up for himself. Gunblade was proud of himself for coming up with it. Defrens, however, said he deeply resented Gunblade for thinking of the idea first.

Vas Defrens appeared to be lethargic and mixed up his words a lot during the interview. “Yeah, Vas was pretty messed up during the interview,” said Gold. “He burned one right before the cameras started rolling. Trouble is it was primo stuff and he was on another planet after about a minute.”