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Joey Van Dundro

Van Dundro: “I might Ass Clown your car tonight!”

In a surprising revelation, No Talent Ass Clowns drummer Joey Van Dundro admitted that he “ass clowns” cars all the time.

Ass Clowning is the notorious practice that involves breaking into cars at Ass Clowns concerts and defecating on the driver’s seat. Since its invention in the 1990s by the mysterious Nick Ray Tummo, Ass Clowning has become an accepted aspect of Ass Clown concerts worldwide and even has a place in the Urban Dictionary.

Now, Van Dundro says he has contributed to the phenomenon on a regular basis. “I did it for the kicks after one of our shows,” says Van Dundro. “Then, I began to realize that Ass Clowning became a part of who I am. Taking a dump on some guy’s seat and knowing the horror he’s going to face trying to remove it fills me with a deep sense of personal satisfaction. I Ass Clown cars all the time and not just at our concerts. Hell, I might Ass Clown your car tonight!”