In a shocking turn of events, a popular commenter at The No Talent Ass Clowns Worship Site has killed another commenter after the two exchanged hateful remarks earlier this week.

T-Bone” an ex-convict from New York City, killed 26-year-old Lew Flapp of Scranton, PA with a dull ice pick after the two quarreled earlier in the week while commenting on this website’s “Sarah Palin” blog entry. In a heated exchange, Flapp began making fun of T-Bone’s stint in Attica Prison. “I’ll risk going back [to Attica] just for the pleasure of doing you in, Lew. That’s a promise from me,” wrote T-Bone on Monday.

The band spoke about the killing early this morning in an email to reporters. “Personally, I think it’s kind of cool,” said front man Lars Gunblade. “It’s great to see people so worked up about the Ass Clowns that they’re willing to kill each other. Kind of tells you something about the power of our brand of kick-ass rock and roll, doesn’t it?

Disclaimer: Commentators remain free to say whatever they want on this blog. There will be no changes in policy as a result of this horrible and depraved murder.


  1. Bruce from Brisbane says:

    This kind of final solution is what I’d like to see on other websites as well. Makes reading comments more interesting, wondering which commenters have been killed. Keeps you guessing.

  2. SK-57-A says:

    What kind of weird websiite is this?!

  3. Nan Johnson says:

    THIS SITE IS DISGUSTING. A man has been KILLED. And you aren’t going to change your policy to stop posters from threatening one another? You people are PIGS.

    • Karl H. says:

      Lighten up, Nan. I went to high school with Lew Flapp. His death isn’t much of a loss. He was really boring.

      • Nan Johnson says:

        How could you say such a thing? What a horrible thing to say about another person. If I could, I would personally cut off your member. Like the death of Mr. Flapp, I’m sure it wouldn’t be “much of a loss” to use your own words. I’m leaving now and never coming back to this hideous web site again. God bless.

  4. Meat Pants says:

    I feel somewhat guilty. I started the thread where Lew got attacked by T-Bone. Oh, well, that’s rock and roll, I guess. I’m sending some high-grade weed to Lew’s girlfriend as a funeral gift. I’ve done my part. I’m done.

  5. BodaciousTaTas741 says:

    I would never kill for the No Talent Ass Clowns. They’re not worth it.

  6. AvengingDude72 says:

    I haven’t read shit about this anywhere else. Why is that? Should be on CNN but I’m seeing nothing. I don’t get it.

  7. Sam Bass says:

    I always had a profound respect for T-Bone. I think he had good reasons for killing Flapp.

  8. Walter S. says:

    T-Bone always scared me. Glad he’s been arrested. He was never really an Ass Clowns fan anymore so it’s no loss.