Rock star Lars Gunblade has turned filmmaker with the first of his “10-Second Stories” on YouTube:

Gunblade recently told reporters that he’s a bit bored with making music so he started toying around with film-making. “It’s a pretty easy thing making films really,” said the controversial rock star. “And truthfully, I don’t have the attention span to watch a two-hour movie. That’s why 10-Second Stories was born. If you’re drunk or wasted, it’s easy to concentrate on 10-Second Stories, am I right? Of course I am.”

With the rest of the band on hiatus, Gunblade holed himself up in a video editing suite in Kings Nose, NJ for nearly an hour recently trying to craft the first of his 10-Second Stories. “I went through about three dozen drafts of the story,” said Gunblade. “I am always cognitively impaired, due to various chemicals and such. That makes a project like this a bit more difficult to finish.”

The rock star readily admitted that film-making was a pleasant diversion from the music scene, which had seen himself and band-mate Vas Defrens plotting to kill each other in police surveillance tapes. “Yeah, that sucked. Vas said he’d like to kill me so I figured it was time to lay low and try my hand at something else until he loses interest.”

10-Second Stories Could Become a Big Thing, says Gunblade

Gunblade enjoyed the film-making process so much that he’s now producing a number of 10-second stories. “Each one will be a profound statement. Better than any other films ever made. I know that sounds egotistical but it really isn’t. If it’s better than every other film, oh well. I’m not going to intentionally make bad films just so other film-makers don’t feel threatened. I don’t play that game.”

The first 10-Second Stories project hasn’t gotten many views, which doesn’t have Gunblade worried. “I don’t care how many people see these videos. The right people will see them. That’s what f*cking matters, man!”


10-Second Stories

  1. Meat Pants says:

    I’m an a-hole but I’m going to comment on this blog anyway!

  2. Ricky Rotund says:

    I found the story a bit convoluted and hard to follow. About halfway through, I fell asleep and I woke up just as it ended. Not good.

  3. T-Bone says:

    They’ll never top this No Talent Ass Clowns video:

  4. Tony the Pony says:

    The only thing about this film that I didn’t like was that the romantic sub-plot felt tacked on.

    • Big Willy Weepers says:

      I heard the studio took the film away from Lars and did a whole different edit.

      • Alan Smithee says:

        I can’t wait to see the Director’s Cut some day.

        • Geoffrey Crayon says:

          The only way to truly experience this film is if you can watch it with the original mono mix. Way different experience.

  5. David Dennison says:

    Utter and total crap. Worthless rock star makes worthless video. Who cares? I know I don’t. It was the greatest video ever made but it’s still crap.

  6. Not Lew Flapp says:

    When I saw Lars’ film, I peed my pants. But, then again, I do that all the time.